Why You Should Trust Your Family’s Smiles To An Orthodontist

As a parent, you want your family to have the best of everything. Their smiles are no exception! But what happens if their teeth need a little help? If a family member is struggling with some aspect of their smile, you may be wondering what you can do to straighten things out. That’s where we come in! Saddle Creek Orthodontics is proud to provide exceptional orthodontic care to patients of all ages from our Germantown and Collierville offices. Dr. Fagala is highly trained and experienced in identifying and correcting a wide variety of orthodontic issues, from crooked teeth to misaligned jaws.  

If you’re not sure where to begin in this journey, you’re not alone! Many people wonder if an orthodontic evaluation can be done by their family dentist or if it’s something an actual orthodontist will need to handle. Some even believe the two are interchangeable, but there are some significant differences between dentists and orthodontists that you should be aware of in order to make an informed decision. To learn why you should trust your family’s smiles to an orthodontist like Dr. Fagala, keep reading below! 

Why You Should Trust Your Family's Smiles To An Orthodontist

Extra education and training, more relevant experience

Dentists and orthodontics both begin their careers with dental school, but once they graduate, their paths go in separate directions. Dentists are free to begin practicing at this point, but orthodontists must complete an additional 2-3 years of education, training, and supervision. During this time, they learn a great deal about identifying and treating misalignment of the teeth and jaws by:  

  • studying the growth and maturation of a child’s mouth
  • learning special biomechanical techniques to successfully move the teeth using braces, aligners, and other appliances
  • developing their diagnostic skills
  • working on many case studies

Most people aren’t aware of how much work goes into becoming an orthodontist! While there are exceptions to almost every rule, most general dentists just don’t possess this exhaustive level of orthodontic training and experience. 

That said, all dentists do learn some basic orthodontic skills in dental school, and there are some who can provide quality orthodontic care to their patients. These dentists will often sharpen those skills by attending continuing education workshops or seminars. While these can be very informative, most are unable to cover such an extensive subject in any real depth. Even dentists with some orthodontic experience will lack the level of education and skills a certified orthodontist has. 

Most of us prefer the familiar. If your family dentist offers some form of orthodontic care, it’s only natural that you’d consider them first! But before you move forward with orthodontic treatment by your dentist, we encourage you to consider all the benefits that come with an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Fagala! When you choose Saddle Creek Orthodontics to meet all your smile needs, you’ll receive: 

A wide variety of treatment options—we offer traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, and Invisalign clear aligners. 

A customized treatment plan—we build each plan around an individual’s unique smile, lifestyle, and desired results.

A more efficient process—orthodontics is our only specialty, so you can expect the most effective treatment and visits for the best possible smile.

Dr. Fagala performs teeth straightening procedures daily, and our expert team is always working to perfect the services we provide. To do that, we regularly attend continuing education courses and keep our offices equipped with the latest in orthodontic technology. You’ll always receive the highest-quality care with our practice!

Specialized care creates the most beautiful smiles

You have every right to choose the healthcare provider you feel most comfortable with, but when it comes to your smile, it’s worth considering an orthodontist with specialized training. While some dentists can offer certain orthodontic services, Dr. Fagala has years of experience in creating smiles that feel just as good as they look! 

Dr. Fagala graduated from the University of Tennessee Department of Orthodontics in 2013 with a certificate in orthodontics and a master’s degree in Dental Science. This prestigious full-time program is known for its intensive clinical training and Dr. Fagala was one of only four students accepted into it in 2010. He’s also a board-certified orthodontist, a designation shared by just 30% of all orthodontists. When you choose Saddle Creek Orthodontics, you’re trusting your family’s teeth to a true expert! 

Having an orthodontist supervising the treatment process can also help avoid any unnecessary complications. An orthodontist is more likely to pick up on some of the small things a general dentist may overlook, and will only recommend a treatment plan that’s appropriate for each smile. That makes the journey towards a straighter smile an affordable, effective, and customized option for you or your child. 

Why You Should Trust Your Family's Smiles To An Orthodontist

Find something to smile about at Saddle Creek Orthodontics

When it comes to providing the best orthodontic care to your family, our team delivers! We offer world-class service, the latest in treatment technology, and exceptional results. Our team works hard to provide a welcoming environment, fun atmosphere, and rewarding experience from your first visit to the last! 

Because orthodontics is our only specialty, we’re focused on giving your family the beautiful smiles they deserve. If you’re ready to take the first step towards improved oral health for everyone in your household, get in touch to schedule a FREE consultation with our Germantown or Collierville office! Once the exam is complete, Dr. Fagala will provide you with a diagnosis and a customized treatment plan. This is a no-pressure visit! Even if you decide not to pursue treatment immediately, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or walk you through any concerns. 

We’d love to set your family up for a lifetime of healthy smiles, so get in touch today to schedule your FREE in-office or virtual exam with Dr. Fagala!