Memphis Gives Thanks

We’re getting into the Thanksgiving spirit at Saddle Creek Orthodontics, with just a handful of days left to cross off the calendar until it’s finally here, bringing with it tables full of delicious food and quality time spent with family and friends. Sadly, not all Memphians will be sitting down to turkey with their nearest… Read More

Halloween Family Fun in the 901

We’re creeping up on Halloween here at Saddle Creek Orthodontics, and we’ve been busy scoping out all the family-friendly fun the 901 has to offer over the next week to share with you! Whether you’re looking for activities to supplement your traditional trick-or-treat routine, or thinking about shaking it up with something completely different this… Read More

Nutrition and Oral Health

 Living in the South, my family and I get to enjoy many different types of cuisine from Mexican enchiladas, Thai curry, Italian cuisine and old-fashioned barbecue. When experiencing all of these different types of cuisine, we also think about what is healthy for our overall diet and health of our teeth. Having a well-rounded nutritional… Read More

The Top 5 Things Moms Need To Know About Orthodontics

Being a mom means keeping a thousand plates spinning while wearing a hundred different hats. Cook, maid, chauffeur, party planner, nurse, therapist, teacher… the list goes on and on. One hat you shouldn’t have to wear is that of an orthodontist. Orthodontists receive 2 to 3 years of additional training after dental school to become… Read More

6 Things To Do In Memphis This Summer

Summertime in Memphis means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it means freedom from school for a couple of months. For others, it means braving the hot and humid months of June, July, and August that the South is infamous for. For us at Saddle Creek Orthodontics, it means we… Read More