6 Reasons to Get Adult Braces

So you’ve been thinking about getting braces – that’s what we like to hear! You’re excited to get the straight smile you deserve, but you’re not sure what to expect from getting braces as an adult or if you should move forward with treatment at all. It can be scary to take the next step, but after hearing all the reasons to get adult braces at Saddle Creek Orthodontics, you’re going to run (not walk) to your free consultation with Dr. Kyle or Dr. John. Here’s why adult braces should be the next thing on your to-do list.

1: It’s Trending

If you’ve ever Googled “When is it too late to get braces?” you probably learned two things: 1) it is never too late to get braces, and 2) you aren’t alone if you want to get started on treatment as an adult. In fact, one in every three orthodontic patients is over the age of eighteen, according to the American Association of Orthodontists

With so many reasons to get braces as an adult, this trend is just getting started. 

2: It’s Affordable

At Saddle Creek Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves the power of a beautiful smile and that treatment fees shouldn’t hold you back. That’s why our mission is to provide excellent orthodontic treatment at reasonable prices. After evaluating your case, we’ll draw up a payment plan that works for you and your family. 

We accept most major insurance plans, including BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Cigna, and United HealthCare, among others. Our team is always happy to help you with insurance forms so that you get the most out of your care plan. We also offer automatic bank drafts through OrthoBanc for your convenience. 

3: It’s a Confidence Booster

As an adult, it is all too easy to discount the simple things in life like a confident smile. However, the difference a straight grin can make in your personal and professional life is so impactful that you won’t want to push this item off your to-do list. 

Many brides and grooms-to-be find that getting braces while planning their dream wedding makes them feel more confident that their wedding day will be the happiest day of their lives. We hear stories about patients whose work lives have been more successful with the confidence boost their new smile gives them. There is even a psychological theory called the facial feedback hypothesis that tells us that smiling tricks your brain into being happier – so braces are a tried and true confidence booster on all fronts!

4: You Have Treatment Options

Maybe you know that getting braces will make you happier with your smile, but you’re worried about feeling self-conscious while the braces are on. We hear you. At Saddle Creek Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of discrete treatment options so that the path to a confident smile is paved with a process you can be confident in.

Metal Braces

Because metal braces are typically the most cost and time-effective option, many adults take this traditional route to a straighter smile. With this treatment method, Dr. Kyle or Dr. John will secure brackets to your teeth using a special orthodontic glue. By tightening the connecting wires with gentle and steady pressure, your teeth will gradually shift in line. 

Clear Braces

Like metal braces, this treatment option uses a system of brackets and wires to straighten your teeth and is effective for patients with moderate to severe orthodontic issues. Instead of metal braces, clear braces use white ceramic brackets that match the color of your teeth, so your treatment is less noticeable.


This removable treatment option uses a series of clear trays that adjust your teeth without wires or brackets. Because they are clear, this option allows you to straighten your teeth without attracting notice. By wearing these trays for 22 hours per day for 9-15 months, you’ll see results in no time. 

Lingual Braces 

Lingual braces are similar to metal braces in that they include a system of brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. However, the main difference is that they are applied to the back of your teeth rather than the front. This means that they are practically invisible throughout the duration of your treatment! 

6 Reasons to Get Adult Braces5: Your Teeth May Have Shifted After Braces

Did you forget to wear your retainer after braces treatment when you were a teenager? Although we strongly encourage the use of retainers for every patient as an integral part of your treatment plan, sometimes we find that our younger selves didn’t quite keep up with this piece of the puzzle as well as we should have. 

Many adults that come in for a consultation with Dr. Kyle or Dr. John notice that their teeth have shifted since their teenage years. If you feel your teeth aren’t as straight as they used to be, don’t worry! Another round of treatment can give you the smile touch-up you need.

6: It’s Good For Your Health

It is no surprise to most that oral health is often viewed as the gateway to the health of other parts of your body, which is one of the main reasons getting braces as an adult has become so popular. Many health issues are linked to your tooth alignment, causing jaw pain, headaches, digestive issues, or even sleep apnea. Fortunately, applying an orthodontic treatment plan can help take care of these issues at the root.

For example, have you ever felt that clicking sensation in your jaw when you yawn or chew your food? You aren’t alone. The misalignment of your teeth and jaws that causes Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) can affect your ability to chew, swallow, and digest your food properly, leading to additional health issues down the road like acid reflux and headaches. By implementing an orthodontic treatment plan, you can find relief. 

In addition, the extra attention that you and Dr. Kyle or Dr. John will pay to your teeth will keep them healthier over time, reducing the plaque buildup that can result in cavities, tooth decay, or even gum disease. 

6 Reasons to Get Adult BracesNo Matter Your Age, We’ve Got You Covered

At Saddle Creek Orthodontics, we don’t let anything hold you back from getting the straight smile you deserve. Whether you’re seven or seventy-two, Dr. Kyle, Dr. John, and the team are here to give you the results that make you happy. 

Schedule your free consultation in Germantown or Collierville to get started today – and don’t forget to check out our social media!