10 Fun Halloween Costumes Based on Braces

10 Fun Halloween Costumes Based on Braces

Halloween is right around the corner. Are you still trying to come up with the perfect costume? Instead of going with the old standbys this year, why not let your braces take center stage by building your Halloween costume around them?

Our super staff dove headfirst into pop culture to find 10 Halloween costumes based on braces that are easy to pull off and sure to steal the show!

1. Josie Geller – Never Been Kissed

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This 90’s rom-com features Drew Barrymoreas a journalist who goes undercover at a local high school. She relives her own high school years through flashbacks, and her prom memories make for a memorable look. Hit up thrift stores, online resale groups, or eBay for the perfect 80’s prom dress. A scrunchy for that side ponytail and frosted pink lipstick are the only other items needed.

2. Katy Perry -Last Friday Night (TGIF) video

memphis germantown collierville braces invisalign halloween katy perry

Katy’s #1 hit had a catchy beat and a hilarious video. With this Halloween costume, you have two options since the video features her both a pre- and post-makeover. For the first, dig up a denim romper and long sleeved shirt. This one has a side ponytail, too! For the second, it’s all about neon. Look for brightly colored body-con dresses and heels. For the hair, you’ll want spiral curlers and LOTS of hairspray – the higher it goes, the better.

3. Ugly Betty

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America Ferrera
 really won our hearts over with her earnest portrayal of Betty Suarez, who lands a high pressure job at a prestigious fashion magazine in spite of her own spectacular lack of style. Betty has a signature look beyond her braces and red glasses, and it usually includes sweater vests or cardigans paired with high-necked blouses or print dresses. Goodwill won’t let you down here! If you really want to take it all the way, grab a dark wig with heavy bangs.

4. Ted – There’s Something About Mary

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Ben Stiller also employs high school flashbacks in this comedy flick that had everyone talking in the late 90’s. High school Ted is pretty easy to pull together – you can go for casual with a striped collared shirt and light blue windbreaker, or formal Ted in his ruffled front tux. Throw in tousled messy hair and you’ll be channeling awkward 80’s like a pro!

5. Gwen Stefani circa late 90’s

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We know that Gwen has reinvented herself multiple times, most recently as a coach on hit show “The Voice,” but one of her most lasting personas came at the height of her No Doubt fame. Even though Gwen only rocked her adult braces with bright pink hair for a short time, it had a lot of impact! Go for a pink wig with baby bangs, and a furry pink boa over some basic black. Those pencil thin eyebrows are entirely optional!

6. “Ew” Sara (no H ’cause H’s are ew!) – Saturday Night Live

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Jimmy Fallon has had everyone from Ariana Grande to Michelle Obama join him in Sara’s SNL basement. He even made an official music video with will.i.am.! Grab a spaghetti strap purple dress, pink bow headband and tights, and blonde wig with bangs for a Halloween costume that definitely isn’t EW.

7. Lisa Simpson

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Lisa might not be the first character that comes to mind when thinking about braces in pop culture, but she had them for one episode once upon a time. You can impress your friends with your Simpson trivia knowledge when you show up in this cute Halloween costume! Lisa is an easy, and adorable, choice. Look for a strapless red dressred shoes, and red bow for the side of your hair. Don’t forget the pearls!

8. Kip – Napoleon Dynamite

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Everything about Kip is funny, and I think if they had made a sequel called “Kip Dynamite,” I would’ve paid to see it. A neat side partthick grandpa glasses, and thin mustache are staples with this Halloween costume. However, you have a lot of options with your clothing choices. The most recognizable is super simple – blue polo shirtbuttoned all the way to the top, khakis, and of course, your “La Fawnduh” sign.

9. Jaws – James Bond films

memphis braces germantown collierville invisalign halloween james bond

No, not the shark! Richard Kiel played an imposing henchmen in two of the earlier James Bond films. He had prominent steel-capped teeth and a reputation for brute strength. This is another costume that would benefit from a thrift store run. Look for a brown suit, and pull it all together with brown suspenders and bow tie.

10. Marcia Brady – The Brady Bunch

germantown collierville invisalign memphis braces halloween brady bunch

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! 
Even if you’ve never watched the show, you’ve probably heard that catchphrase before. Marcia was the oldest Brady daughter, known for her good looks and popularity. When she has to wear braces briefly, it’s a real knock to her self-confidence. When her date for the school dance backs out at the last minute, Marcia is convinced it’s because of her braces, culminating in her declaring, “I hate EVERYBODY!”

This Halloween costume can come together easily. Make a heavy side part in your long hair (or blonde wig) and pull it into two low pigtails. Find a bulky green sweater and scarf with a 70’s pattern(thrift store again!) and pair them with some heavier slacks or a wool skirt. Really make it your own with a handheld “I hate EVERYBODY!” thought bubble.

As you can see, finding a Halloween costume that works with your braces is easy and can be a lot of fun! These DIY costumes are also budget friendly, something all of us can appreciate.

Our talented team here at Saddlecreek Orthodontics understand that sometimes the holidays can be difficult as you adjust to orthodontic work, and we’re committed to providing you with the best service, information, and resources. We don’t want you to just tolerate life with braces, we want you to enjoy it! Remember we’re always here to answer any questions you might have. Have a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!