Why I Chose to Stay in Memphis

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As you well know, the city of Memphis often gets painted in a negative light in the news. There’s too much crime, poverty, and hardship in our city. I’ve had several friends from other cities ask me point blank “Why would you want to live in Memphis?” The quick answer is…because I love Memphis. Despite its shortcomings, Memphis is a city full of spirit, love, and diversity unlike any other place I’ve ever lived. We have some of the best music, food, and people in the world. So, I believe the better question is “Why wouldn’t I want to live here?”

I am not originally from Memphis. I grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas and moved to Memphis for dental school. I spent 7 years at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in downtown Memphis. I was the first graduate from the UT Orthodontics program in 12 years to stay in Memphis and open an orthodontic practice here. With this choice, my family and I have chosen to embrace Memphis for several decades to come. If you live in Memphis and are reading this, your story may be very similar to mine. Or, maybe you were born in Memphis and have lived here your entire life. Either way, like me, you have chosen to embrace Memphis and make it your home.

At Saddle Creek Orthodontics, we wanted to express our love for Memphis and celebrate our collective choice to live in and embrace Memphis. So, we teamed up with Choose901 and Sache to create a special T-Shirt. Every patient at Saddle Creek Orthodontics will receive an Embrace Memphis T-Shirt.

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  Here’s the design for the shirt. It was a collaborative effort from the fine folks at Choose 901 and Sache, two excellent Memphis businesses.

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We consider Germantown to be part of the big Memphis family, so we decided to take some photos at a few of our favorite Germantown spots.
Orthodontic Staff | Germantown Tennessee | Saddle Creek Orthodontics
Behold the lovely ladies of Saddle Creek Orthodontics reppin’ their Embrace Memphis shirts atop the nearby Shops of Saddle Creek sign.
      So, here’s the ANNOUNCEMENT. We want you to take a photo of yourself wearing your Embrace Memphis shirt at your FAVORITE Greater Memphis location. Your favorite restaurant, park, church, museum, landmark, attraction…whatever! Then, post your photo to our Facebook page, tell us why you have chosen to embrace Memphis, and hashtag the post #EmbraceMemphis. At the end of the summer, we will choose 3 posts (most likes, most creative, and staff favorite) who will each win $50 gift cards. All participants will also be entered to win a free family vacation to Cancun! Best of luck and have a great summer!

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