We’re bringing the iTero Element Scanner to Memphis!

What’s the worst part of having braces? Is it the wires, the rubber bands, the lack of popcorn? If you’re like us (and so many of our patients), the worst part isn’t actually the “braces”; it’s the prep work that it takes leading up to your orthodontic treatment.

If you’ve had braces, you’ve probably taken several x-rays, a laundry list of intraoral photographs, and the dreaded, goopy, gag-inducing impressions (molds) of your teeth. These are super-important steps in any braces treatment, because they allow the orthodontist to get a good look at your case and create an individualized plan for your treatment.

Our Memphis orthodontist office is always looking for ways to make this process less invasive, more reliable, and easier for you. In an effort to bring this process up to speed with our digitally-driven office, we’re proud to announce we’ve acquired an iTero Element Intraoral Scanner. This device will eliminate the need for those old school, messy impressions, and will provide the most accurate and detailed look into your treatment needs.

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Why is the iTero Scanner important to my treatment?

The iTero Element scanner works by scanning each of your teeth and the layout of your gums and mouth. The whole process only takes 10-15 minutes and quickly provides an extremely accurate, 3-D view of your mouth. Once the scan is complete, we can view the images together, and even see a simulation of your braces or Invisalign treatment. The data can then be sent wirelessly to Invisalign or to a number of other orthodontic labs with the click of a button.

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Digital scanning has also revolutionized the orthodontic appliance process. Before we had a scanner, when patients needed expanders, space maintainers, or Herbst appliances, we’d send off traditional stone casts to an orthodontic lab. This process involved goopy impressions, mixing up plaster to make a stone model, then sending them through the mail for construction. This traditional process is inherently less accurate, and ultimately added 2 to 3 more appointments for our patients. Now, we do a digital scan, send the data wirelessly to the lab, where they then print a 3-D, stereolithographic model, create the appliance, and have it back to us in about a week. This helps save YOU time! We’ve also noticed the models we’re getting back are much more accurate and the appliances we create are fitting better than ever. Our patients are loving it!

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Our new scanner also allows me to consult about any underlying problems that are found prior to braces treatment, and allows patients a complete 360° view of what I’m seeing. Capturing up to 6,000 images per second, it’s easy to see just how beneficial this tool is to our staff in providing a clear view to map out your braces treatment!

Additionally, this scanner is compact, portable, and stores all the files digitally, which reduces our office’s carbon footprint.

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Our High Tech Orthodontic Office

We fell in love with the iTero Element Scanner the first time we tried it, and can’t wait to share it with our patients. We’re always looking to bring the latest technology to our Germantown office and believe that you deserve the best technology to make your orthodontic treatment as effortless as possible.

We’re currently the only Memphis orthodontist to make use of the iTero Element scanner and can’t wait to see the difference it brings to our office and to our patients. Have you been contemplating braces treatment? Saddle Creek Ortho continually embraces the newest technologies and techniques that makes it easier than ever to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

To learn more about Saddle Creek Orthodontics or if braces are right for you, schedule a free consultation with our staff. We’ll take time to answer any questions you may have and map out a treatment plan just for you.

Love Your Smile,