Wardrobe Must-Haves for Any Style

As we dive into September, fall is always on our minds. From counting down the days until #PSL season to unabashedly burning Macintosh apple candles 24/7, the promise of autumn is always welcomed! I have to admit, though, that almost nothing gets us more excited than New York Fashion Week. What’s on the style horizon? What beauty trends will we anticipate? I’m a fashion nerd with no shame!

Shelbi Andrews at Saddle Creek Orthodontics | Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator Hi, everyone; it’s me, Shelbi! In honor of this year’s NYFW, I’ve commandeered the Memphis Braces blog to share our wardrobe must-haves for any style. Not that I’m implying anything about Dr. Kyle’s style, but he didn’t know what #ootd meant until a few weeks ago! 😉

Making it a point to get these pieces in your closet will mean that you always have something to wear and can always look put-together with effortless style. But don’t get it twisted; it’s all comfy, too (Minus maybe those Jimmy Choos!).


You need the most volume and variety when it comes to tops, as bottoms and outerwear tend to act as bases for these pieces. Wardrobe Must-Haves for Any Style! | Braces Fashion | Orthodontics and FashionI’ve picked versatile tees, shirts, and tanks that work well both dressed down with comfy kicks and ripped jeans, as well as paired with more formal pieces like a pencil skirt and ankle-strap pumps for a client meeting. Don’t be afraid to invest here; a high-quality white tee is worth several cheap ones.

Coats & Jackets

Who can argue with the timelessness of a great trench coat? Next to it, hang up a wool coat, cardigan, comfy open cardigan, blazer, utility jacket (Loving these so much!), leather jacket, and denim jacket for versatility and style that fits every mood and any weather report. Try pairing that leather jacket with more feminine pieces for an edgier look that’s not too rocker chick… just the right amount!


The LBD, a pencil skirt, black pants, and two pairs of skinny jeans? I’m pretty sure this category is self-explanatory. You know how versatile these pieces are, but make sure you invest in good-quality pieces that fit you well. You’ll be wearing them a lot, so you might as well get pieces that make you look and feel your best!

Shoes & Accessories

We all dream of that shoe closet from the Sex & the City movie, don’t we? But you don’t need 100 square feet of storage space for these must-haves. Find a pair of casual sneakers or tennis shoes that fit your style and pair them with comfy yet elegant flats, booties, and classic pumps for a rotation that fits any occasion. The handbag is another investment piece–you take it everywhere. So, get something you love that really speaks your style! Top it all off with a pair of sunglasses in a flattering shape for your face. This isn’t a time to order online! Go to the store and try on as many pairs as it takes to find “the one” that hits you. Trust us, when you put on the pair, you’ll know!

1000-Watt Smile

You could dress head-to-toe in Derek Lam, but without a brilliant smile, your look is not complete. Did you know that 50% of people say the first thing they notice about someone is their smile1? Not the Kate Spade handbag, not the Alexander Wang skinny jeans, not the Rag & Bone tailored blazer… their smile! Thanks to modern orthodontics, there are many ways to straighten your grin into the smile of your dreams. From virtually invisible Invisalign to traditional metal braces, braces on the inside of your teeth to ceramic, tooth-colored braces (like I had!), there’s a treatment that will fit your life and your needs. It’s time to get that Saddle Creek Orthodontics designer smile!



1According to the American Academy of Periodontology.