Saddle Creek Orthodontics is Now Open!

Kyle and Anna Fagala are excited to open Saddle Creek Orthodontics!

Dr. Kyle and Anna Fagala could not be more excited because TODAY is the official opening day for Saddle Creek Orthodontics! There are still some final details left to work on, but most everything has been installed and looks great!  I wanted to share a few of the highlights with you (I realize there are a LOT of photos here, but I promise I left some out…).  In the photo above, you can see that our treatment bay countertops finally came in. They are a stone solid surface top made by Silestone. We used silestone throughout the clinic and laminate countertops in the offices and lab.

Phil and Marcus came to visit Saddle Creek Orthodontics
My brother Phil and Anna’s brother Marcus dropped in to take a look (and help us carry some heavy boxes). My brother Phil is a pharmacist in Little Rock, so go visit him at Kroger if you’re ever in the area. I am certain we are the only two Dr. Fagalas in the world, so you can’t miss him!

Surrounded by boxes OR We couldn't have done it without you Amazon
To say we have an obsession with Amazon would be an understatement. I’m not exactly sure how anyone opened a business before they could buy anything at the best possible price, at any time of the day, and have it shipped to their front door in two days…for free. I only wish they offered a service to come pick up all those empty boxes. ;(

Orthodontic waiting room 46 inch LED TV
Then there’s the 46″ LED TV or what my wife would sarcastically refer to as the “one item Dr. Fagala cares most about.” While that isn’t (entirely) true, I was excited to get a TV mounted on the wall. As a man, no room is ever complete before the TV has sports on. Of course, during working hours, the TV will be left on cartoons, HGTV, or news…but after hours, I’ll be watching NBA Summer League.

Orthodontic drink station with Keurig coffee maker and fridge
For all you people who like hot or cold drinks (and really, who doesn’t? Seriously…is there anyone? Maybe someone only drinks warm drinks, I don’t know.), we decided to get a glass front fridge and the latest model Keurig coffee maker. So, we’ll have bottled water, coke/diet coke/sprite, coffee, and tea.

Close up view of Keurig coffee maker and Simple Human countertop trash can
It may surprise you, but I don’t actually drink coffee (at least not regularly). So, this is all for you. I must admit, the cinnamon roll coffee *does* sound pretty delicious.

Orthodontic display case for office branded merchandise and case displays
File this photo under “not nearly as exciting as the cinnamon roll flavored coffee”, but this is our display case. Eventually, we will feature orthodontic treatment cases and Saddle Creek Orthodontics branded materials. Things like t-shirts, water bottles, pens, etc.

Orthodontic reception desk in progress
This photo was taken on Saturday, but clearly, we still have some work left to do.  You can see the 21.5″ iMac, two of our office chairs (from Office Depot), and lighting fixtures (which have now been hung).

Ross Orthodontic chairs and LED task lights
I featured these Ross Orthodontics chairs in my last post, but I wanted to show you what they looked like installed, clean, and with their LED task lights attached. We chose not to use ceiling-mounted lights in order to maintain a more open feel to the space (I totally stole that line from Property Brothers).

Orthodontic treatment area brushed nickel sink with foot pedals
You are probably wondering “Where are the sink handles?!”  Well, we opted for foot pedals. Partly because it’s cool, but also because it’s much more hygienic.

Custom Sterilization Center designed by MCC
We had our 10′ custom sterilization center designed by MCC and installed by Patterson Dental. We added our bathroom tile for a nice splash of color.

Orthodontic IT closet
To an IT person, this probably looks laughably simple. But, for me, it was pretty complicated. From top to bottom, we have a wireless router (with free guest wireless for the waiting room), a Comcast cable modem, two 24 port Ethernet switches, and a stereo receiver so we can play the radio (or Pandora) through 5 speakers spread throughout the practice.

Planmeca Proline XC in an Orthodontic office
Our digital pan/ceph X-ray machine came from Planmeca.  This is their Proline XC model which takes a beautiful panoramic X-ray image. The machine produces very low levels of radiation and the image is developed instantly.

Anna hard at work in our consultation room
Anna and I had a fun time setting up all our new computers including this 27″ iMac. It’s a beautiful computer, and will be used in our consultation room to display pictures and X-rays of patients. We also have patient education software from Dolphin called Aquarium. Aquarium features over 300 3-D videos of different dental and orthodontic procedures, allowing for better communication between doctor and patient.

So, that’s it for now. I’ll post another blog update later this week sometime. If you know of anyone from the ages of 7 to 87 looking to improve their smile, let us know. As always at Saddle Creek Orthodontics, the consultation is free. Have a great week!