Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Saddle Creek Orthodontics!

So, where have I been for the past month? I realize this isn’t the best way to start a blog post (and this is starting to feel like a confession and/or humblebrag), but I have been BUSY. Our baby Libby is due September 29th and we have my wife has been preparing every day for her arrival.  We have also started several new braces patients at Saddle Creek Orthodontics and even hit 1,000 likes on our Facebook page (we are sitting at 1,178 likes as I write this). The Memphis Braces Blog, as a result, has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list over the past few weeks. So, I’ve got a little catching up to do! I first wanted to share with you some pictures from our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. And, before I do that, I need to thank Janie, Sandy, Myra, and Susan from the Germantown Chamber of Commerce for organizing the event.

Saddle Creek Orthodontics Ribbon Cutting Group Picture
So, here’s the “front page photo” from the day’s events (come to think of it, why wasn’t this on the cover of The Commercial Appealnay…The New York Times?!). I’ll contact my publicist later, but for now, I’d like to point out how many cool people showed up to cheer us on. The Germantown Chamber has really been awesome to us and I’m thankful so many members decided to show up. We also had a lot of friends from Highland Church of Christ come, and I couldn’t be more grateful for our church family. Lastly, and most importantly, I definitely wouldn’t recommend running with those huge scissors. They weighed like 12 pounds.

Janie Day, Executive Director of the Germantown Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director of the Germantown Chamber of Commerce, Janie Day, is actually the reason I’m a member of the Chamber. She’s a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan and despite that, I still really like her! 😉 Janie was the first to speak and gave us a cool member plaque that we now proudly display in our office.

Amy Barringer, Germantown Chamber of Commerece Chairman of the Board
Amy Barringer, Germantown Chamber Chairman of the Board, also shared a few words. Much respect to Amy for coaching me on my gigantic-scissors-cutting technique. Despite her apt coaching, I still struggled to cut the ribbon (more on that later…). #scissorsfail

Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy speaks at the Ribbon Cutting of Saddle Creek Orthodontics
Fifth-term Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy was definitely our biggest celebrity on hand (unless you count my wife’s appearance in the deleted scenes of 2008’s straight-to-DVD courtroom thriller Nothing But the Truth).

Dr. Kyle Fagala speaks at the Saddle Creek Orthodontics Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Against their better judgment, they decided to let me say a few words! I don’t remember exactly what I said, but everyone teared up and I have heard rumors of a book deal… As an aside, it looks like Rachel (behind my left shoulder in the blue t-shirt) was either a. not impressed (McKayla Maroney anyone?) b. reminiscing her positive experience with braces as a child or c. falling asleep during my speech.

Grand Opening of Saddle Creek Orthodontics
Gotta admit, I love the variety of facial expressions in this photo. Most everyone was excited because after several tries, I finally got the scissors to cut the ribbon and (most importantly) it meant we could all go inside and escape the blistering July heat. Charlie, however, was unhindered by such pedestrian concerns. He was just disappointed I wouldn’t let him play with the 12-pound scissors. Come to think of it, maybe I should have let him cut the ribbon – probably wouldn’t have taken him 7 tries.

*** UPDATE: I’m finishing this blog from Methodist Germantown hospital, where my wife has gone into labor!! We are very excited and should be welcoming a baby girl this afternoon. I’ll be sure to share some photos very soon!
Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!