Our Orthodontic Office: Before and After

Construction on Saddle Creek Orthodontics has been complete for almost 4 weeks, but between staying busy getting the practice going and starting patients, I just now found time to upload the proof (“pics or it didn’t happen,” right?). If you’ve been following our Facebook page or The Memphis Braces Blog over the past few months, then you know the construction process was long (3.5 months) and difficult (for the construction workers). However, thanks to several great and talented people, everything came together better than I could have imagined. The end result is clean, modern, and open. We would love for you to come visit us sometime and see for yourself!

Saddle Creek Orthodontics before Demolition
So, this is what 2176 West St., Suite 320 looked like when we first showed up. After the neighboring Shoemaker Financial building burned down in 2010, our location was used as overflow office space. After their new building was completed in 2012, our space basically became a big storage container. The floorplan was very closed off, with several interior walls and even cubicles (not shown). Also, check out that closet filled to the brim with legal documents! That “Hoarder’s Paradise” eventually became our Consult Room.

Demolition of Saddle Creek Orthodontics Office
Yes. They let me swing a sledgehammer (only three times, but still…).
After studying the plans for the space, we decided to start from scratch and tear down all internal walls, remove the floors, and raise the ceilings a foot. It’s a bit daunting to see 1,800 square feet completely empty…but, ultimately, we would not have been able to accomplish what we did without starting over completely.

Framing of Saddle Creek Orthodontics Office
Surprisingly, the framing of our space only took 2 days. We did have to alter the size of our x-ray room slightly, but that was the only significant change from the original plans. Also, *SPOILER ALERT* apparently, not all insulation is bright pink.

Installation of Dry Wall for Saddle Creek Orthodontics Office
Next came lots (and lots) of dry wall. As you can see, the floors were still pretty dirty and dusty at this point. Naturally, this made Charlie want to run around everywhere, which translated into lots of little white footprints.

Pain, Cabinetry, and Ceiling Tiles at Saddle Creek Orthodontics Office
Once the floors were cleaned and dry wall was completed, workers began to paint, install cabinetry, and place ceiling tiles. I have already mentioned how much trouble we had with the front desk, but it ended up turning out great!

Floors, dental chairs, sterilization center, and counter tops at Saddle Creek Orthodontics Office
Then came the floors, dental chairs, sterilization center, counter tops, and about 75 items from Amazon.com.

The Final result after 3 months of construction at Saddle Creek Orthodontics Office
The final result is something I am very proud of. We achieved the look and feel we had envisioned several months ago and even opened on time!  I would like to thank everyone involved in the purchase and construction of Saddle Creek Orthodontics: our realtor Jon Albright, architect Michael Walker, financing assistant Samantha Strain, accountant Trent Watrous, lawyer George Crawford, Joey Brown and Debbie Grissom from Patterson Dental, Charles Bruton from Ross Orthodontic, and most importantly David Savage and Gary Tutor from Savage Construction and our interior designer Hayley Davis!

Check back next week for photos from our Open House celebration.  Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!