Only 1 Week of Construction Left!

Charlie and Dr. Fagala enjoy our new ortho chairs

It’s been a busy few weeks on the construction project for Saddle Creek Orthodontics. Our official open date of July 15th is fast-approaching and thankfully most of the *big* projects have been completed. As you can see above, my son Charlie was excited to be the first patient “patient” to sit in our new ortho chairs. For those of you out there keeping track, demolition began the second week of April. It’s been a 3-month process and everything will be completed next week. We’ve experienced more than a few “bumps” bumps along the way, but are very excited to share the final product with you!

Orthodontic front desk reception Tile Design
The tile on the front desk has been perhaps our greatest misadventure. The green accent glass pieces we requested had been discontinued and so were changed (without anyone’s approval) to a color that didn’t match our other selections. So, our poor tile guy had to chisel out all 400 pieces of glass and replace them with a new light blue color (trust me, I apologized several times to all parties involved). Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. A sealant was applied to the tile and it somehow oxidized several of the stone pieces to a bright gold color. A little paint thinner later, and things are looking good again. Let’s just hope nothing else goes wrong (*fingers crossed*).

New Orthodontic Chairs from Ross Orthodontic
Another big step was installing our seven orthodontic chairs. Charles from Ross Orthodontic drove over from Midlothian, Texas to install our chairs plus our vacuum and compressor. Charles did a great job and the chairs look fabulous!

Orthodontic Sterilization Center from MCC and Patterson Dental
Our 10-foot wide, custom sterilization center was designed by MCC and installed by Patterson Dental. This is where we will make sure all our instruments are cleaned and sterilized to the highest standards.

Mark, Charles, and Gary at work
Here’s a good picture of Mark (the electrician), Charles (from Ross orthodontic), and Gary (from Savage Construction) working on the junction boxes that connect compressed air, suction, internet, and electricity to our orthodontic chairs. I appreciate all the hard work these 3 guys have put into this job!

Luxury Vinyl wood floors for Orthodontic Office
Our main flooring is faux-wood luxury vinyl manufactured by a company called Artistek. It looks like wood, but is more durable and easier to clean than actual wood. It’s also more cost-effective. The office floors (not pictured) are covered with carpet squares.

Ross Orthodontic Compressor for Orthodontic Office
There’s not much to say about this picture except that it’s a very large dry air compressor from Ross Orthodontic. I’m sure even Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor would be proud.

Orthodontic Lab Equipment from Patterson Dental
Lathe, vibrator, and model trimmer from Patterson Dental for our lab.

Orthodontic Consultation Room Custom Table and Cabinets
Finally, here is a peek at our consultation and private treatment room with custom cabinets and counter tops designed by Holly Springs Cabinets. There is still a week left for all the final finishes including plumbing, painting, baseboards, and installation of all our office equipment! Continue to check our blog or like us on Facebook for more construction updates. Have a great week and a Happy 4th of July!