Meet Sully the Sloth, the SCO Practice Mascot!

You’ve probably been seeing some new faces around our office lately because our Saddle Creek Orthodontics family has definitely been growing! But our newest team member has been in the works for over a year. This team member didn’t have a name, so you helped us with that, and after counting the votes, we’re excited to introduce that our winner with over 60% of the vote is… Sullivan T. Sloth! You can also call him “Sully the Sloth”, our Kids Club and Birthday Club mascot! (And we’re especially thrilled that y’all helped us name him!)

Sully the Sloth | Kids Club | Braces

As Kids Club mascot, Sully the Sloth helps kids remember that sometimes waiting on teeth to come in can feel like it takes forever! But Sully is here to “Hang Out” with them until they are ready for the braces. In our Kids Club, your child will have their growth and development monitored by Dr. Kyle with periodic complimentary x-rays and exams, plus they’ll have the opportunity to spin our prize wheel for some awesome swag! (If your child is 7 or older and has never been evaluated by an orthodontist, contact our office to set up a free consultation!)

Sullivan the Sloth | Saddle Creek Ortho | Plush Animal

We just know your family will love “Hanging Out” with Sully, so now you can adopt your own stuffed “Brace Face” Sloth for a donation of $25 or more to our Embrace Memphis program. If you’ve followed Saddle Creek Orthodontics for long, you’ve definitely seen our famous Embrace Memphis t-shirts around town! You’ve probably also noticed we like to use #EmbraceMemphis on many of our social media posts, but you may not know the reason why.

Sloth | Embrace Memphis | Swag

When Dr. Kyle Fagala opened Saddle Creek Orthodontics in 2013, he knew he wanted to find a way for his team and his patients to give back to the Greater Memphis community. For the past several years, SCO has been partnering with Memphis Family Connection Center to provide free orthodontic care to children and families who are in the foster care system or who are going through the adoption process. These are kids who would benefit from a straight and beautiful smile as much as anyone, but who don’t necessarily have the stability and means to make it happen for them. It is our greatest privilege to be able to remove the financial burden of orthodontic treatment and provide deserving children with a beautiful smile at no cost! This is our Embrace Memphis program.

Backpack | Stuffed Sloth | Kids Club

It is our hope that every patient or family in our office would adopt a Sully to journey through treatment with them, knowing that by doing so they are helping provide a beautiful smile (and a lifetime of self confidence!) to a child in need. Other ways you can help support our Embrace Memphis program: purchase an Embrace Memphis t-shirt or make a small donation for Dippin Dots ice cream at our office!

Thanks for hanging out with us and giving back to the amazing city we love so much! We love our #SCOfamily.