Are you looking for more information on this innovative alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment?

Have you heard about Invisalign?

Invisalign’s clear aligner system is an easy and unobtrusive option for straightening your teeth, giving you the same results as metal braces without all the metal and wires. This makes them especially attractive to adults and teens who want to avoid the appearance of traditional braces and continue their active lifestyles uninhibited during orthodontic treatment. It’s also a smart choice for athletes, band members, or any patient who would prefer a more subtle and versatile treatment.


The Invisalign treatment system consists of a series of clear, removable trays called aligners. Custom designed and made of a comfortable plastic material, these aligners are carefully sculpted by your orthodontist to gradually move teeth into the correct position. One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is its invisibility! This allows you to undergo treatment without having to announce it to the world if you don’t want to.

Another plus for patients is being able to remove the aligners. Although they must be worn 20-22 hours a day in order to be effective, you take them out when eating and brushing your teeth. Because you can remove them before eating, you aren’t stuck with any of the food restrictions that come with traditional braces! This also makes keeping your teeth clean easier. Metal braces can make brushing and flossing a little more complicated, but removable aligners mean it’s business as usual.

Comfort is a big factor when considering a clear aligner system like Invisalign versus traditional metal braces. While the brackets and wires associated with metal braces can often cause irritation to the inner cheeks and gums, Invisalign’s smooth plastic trays are custom-fitted and comfortable to keep in. This makes it easy to keep them in the recommended amount of time daily!

Based on your individual prognosis, and the complexity of your particular case, you’ll wear several sets of trays throughout your orthodontic treatment. These are changed out every week to accommodate your teeth shifting into their new, improved positions. You’ll be able to notice a change in just a few months, which is both rewarding and motivating.

Invisalign is truly changing the way people view orthodontic treatment, and we are very excited to offer this technology to our Memphis braces patients. Memphis orthodontist Dr. Kyle Fagala has a lot of experience treating patients with Invisalign, and he was even an Invisalign patient himself once upon a time. Besides having completed his own Invisalign journey, you may be wondering why you should choose an orthodontist like Dr. Fagala for your Invisalign treatment in Memphis. Find out by clicking here to read more about Dr. Fagala, and here to learn a bit more about the Invisalign treatment system. Or if you’re ready to dive right into a straighter smile, click here to schedule a free Invisalign consultation, or call 901.726.3878 to connect with our friendly staff.

In the meantime, take a look below to hear directly from one of our Invisalign patients about her excellent experience with this flexible treatment option.