Dr. Fagala has Graduated!

After 24 consecutive years as a student, I have finally graduated from school!  This past Friday, I (and several hundred other health science students) graduated at the FedEx Forum in downtown Memphis.  The graduation ceremony was nearly canceled, and would have been had the Memphis Grizzlies taken their series with the San Antonio Spurs to at least 6 games.  I did my best to cheer on the Grizzlies by attending game 4, but unfortunately, they were swept in a most unpoetic way.  My family, including my wife Anna, son Charlie, mom Mary Jane, dad Bill, and brother Phil attended to applaud my sixth (and final) graduation. Change is never completely comfortable or easy, but I am definitely excited to get started with a new stage in life.  I cannot wait to get started with Saddle Creek Orthodontics this July, and to start making beautiful smiles for people living in Germantown, Memphis, Cordova, and Collierville.

Dr. Kyle Fagala graduated with a specialty degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and a Master’s in Dental Science for his thesis on 3-dimensional imaging of the airway.