Your Back-to-School Guide to Braces and Invisalign

Getting ready for the first day of school is so exciting. You’ve got your favorite outfit picked out and laid across your bed, you’re taking first day of school pictures with your mom, and you’re comparing class schedules with your friends to see who you’re sitting by and when; in short, it’s one of the best times of the year! But there’s one other schedule you shouldn’t leave behind when you’re headed back to school with braces or Invisalign, and you can only get it from Saddle Creek Orthodontics. That’s right – it’s time to get your back-to-school guide for braces and Invisalign, and here’s the itinerary!

Wake Up, Brush (& Brush Well!)

6:30 a.m. – 6:35 a.m.

It may be hard to wake up early after the summer break, but the best way to get going is to brush your teeth and take care of your appliances! Now that you have braces or Invisalign, your morning oral hygiene routine has a few extra steps. 

If you have braces, be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a floss threader to clean around each bracket and wire and get your smile ready for the day. It’s important to pay extra attention when you brush with braces because all that extra surface area in your mouth makes it easier for cavities to lurk around and hide. Careful brushing will keep your teeth happy, healthy, and clean. 

If you have clear aligner trays, you’ll need to remove them before brushing your teeth and then brush your trays separately – but remember: don’t use toothpaste! The abrasive qualities of toothpaste could leave tiny scratches on your appliances that odor-causing bacteria can gather in, and no one wants to worry about that on their first day of school. 

Getting ready for your first day back to school and going through orthodontic treatment? Then this back-to-school guide to braces and Invisalign is for you!

Grab Your Braces-Friendly Lunch 

7:15 a.m. – 7:20 a.m. 

Before you rush out the door to your bus stop, don’t forget your orthodontic treatment-friendly lunch! Not all foods pair well with braces, and packing your own lunch can help you stay prepared in the cafeteria. 

It’s best to avoid hard, crunchy, sticky, or chewy foods. You’ll also need to steer clear of anything you bite directly into, like a hamburger or corn on the cob. Dr. Kyle and Dr. John recommend tearing your food into bite-size pieces to protect your braces and choosing healthy, soft options like soup, pasta, or soft bread to make up your meals. 

Wear Your Mouthguard During P.E.

 7:45 a.m. – 8:35 a.m.

Oh, no – it looks like you have first-period P.E. While the Saddle Creek Orthodontics team can’t do anything to fix a nightmare school schedule, we can help you prevent oral injury during dodgeball. The best thing to do is keep a mouthguard on you at all times to protect your teeth from contact with any rough surfaces. 

The best tool to keep your mouth safe is an orthodontic mouthguard designed by Dr. Kyle or Dr. John. These appliances are custom-made for your mouth to fit securely over your brackets and wires and will help prevent your cheeks, lips, and gums from hitting your braces and causing pain. 

If you’re an Invisalign patient, you should remove your aligners during practice or P.E. and put them in their case for safekeeping. Then, use a traditional mouthguard to protect your teeth. 

Getting ready for your first day back to school and going through orthodontic treatment? Then this back-to-school guide to braces and Invisalign is for you!

Check Your Smile During Locker Breaks

8:36 a.m. – 8:39 a.m.

Now that P.E. is over, you’re ready to head to your locker for a between-class braces check. We recommend keeping a mirror and your orthodontic toolkit here so that you can tidy your smile after any leftover in-class snacks or use orthodontic wax to cover a bothersome bracket. 

And hurry – you’ve only got two more minutes to get to your next class! 

Remove Your Aligner Trays to Eat Lunch

11:20 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.

Since our braces patients have already brought their braces-friendly lunches, this one’s for the Invisalign patients. Remember: every time you eat, you must remove your aligner trays. Eating with your aligners on your teeth could break them, and broken appliances could extend your treatment duration.

When you remove them, however, don’t wrap them in a napkin or set them on your plate! This is one of the easiest ways to lose your trays. Instead, pull out your handy-dandy aligner case and store them until after lunch. Then put them back in for the rest of the day! 

Head to Your After-School Check-Up at SCO

 2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. 

Whether you’re on summer vacation or in class during the school year, attending regular appointments with Dr. Kyle or Dr. John is key to making sure your treatment plan runs smoothly. It’s a good idea to request after-school appointments as far ahead of time as possible so we can make sure there’s room on the schedule – or you could check out of school for an hour or so and be the envy of all your friends. Either way, you’ll need to come visit us every four to six weeks for the best smile results possible. 

Getting ready for your first day back to school and going through orthodontic treatment? Then this back-to-school guide to braces and Invisalign is for you!

Get Your Back-To-School Smile at Saddle Creek Orthodontics!

Heading back to school with braces or Invisalign means you’re headed back with style, but if you haven’t started treatment yet, now’s the time! Our Saddle Creek Orthodontics team has years of combined experience making Germantown and Collierville patients smile, and we can’t wait to do the same for you. Call us to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Kyle or Dr. John today!