Alternative Teeth Straightening For Adults

  • Doesn't Interrupt Your Life: Adults often feel that teeth straightening is too much trouble, too embarrassing or too disruptive, so they forego any orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is an ideal solution for adults to straighten their teeth and achieve a beautiful smile in a reasonable amount of time with only minimal impact on the patient's busy schedule and no feelings of self-consciousness during treatment (as the aligners are clear and inconspicuous).

  • Straight Teeth are Healthy Teeth: While many adults look at straightening their teeth for cosmetic reasons, it's important to know that straighter teeth and a proper bite can be beneficial to your overall periodontal health. For instance, crowded or crooked teeth can be difficult to clean thoroughly, might cause swollen gums, and could provide openings in gums for bacteria that bring diseases into your body. An improper bite can cause jaw pain, speech impediments, and chewing challenges that lead to digestive issues. Invisalign can correct these issues while your treatment remains invisible to others.

  • The Best of Both Worlds: Adults want a subtle teeth-straightening solution that won’t be apparent during a fun first date or an important client meeting, and won’t take up all of their lunch hours with tedious cleaning and repetitive appointments. Invisalign aligners provide the best of both worlds: they are virtually invisible and removable when needed, while also being effective and easy to maintain. In the video below, one Invisalign patient tells you how the clear aligners that straightened her teeth helped her gain the confidence to laugh and smile again.

Video Courtesy of Invisalign